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Futon Parts

Assessing Your Need for Replacement Parts

Supplying replacement parts to people who bought their futons from somewhere else years ago can be a tricky business. Often people describe a need for a futon part, which a futon parts dealer can misinterpreted to mean they need something else. To protect yourself from obtaining the wrong futon part, we request that you provide as much detailed information as possible. Diagrams, digital photos and specific detailed measurements will help to ensure we are talking about the same item. We will do our best to supply what we think is the correct futon part. However, you will be responsible if the part is not correct.

Often people are looking to replace futon parts that are proprietary to the particular futon frame that they purchased from a futon company that went out of business years ago. Therefore, even replacement futon parts that look similar might not fit properly. For this reason it is important to be certain of measurements of the required replacement part. In some cases you will find that a particular futon part can be jury rigged to remedy the situation with a part that is similar to the original. However, Futon Planet does not recommend using parts that are not exactly proportional and of the same material as the original futon parts that came with your futon frame. You should be concerned as much about safety as the possibility of causing further damage to your favorite futon frame.

If you are handy, the choice is ultimately yours whether you choose to risk using an alternate replacement futon part. If you are not handy, we recommend you seek the advice of someone who is. We are glad to help anyone who is in need, but you must also remember that the best way to make repairs and decisions is to be present at the scene of repair. Since we cannot physically be present to help you examine and make choices, we leave the entire process of repair and replacement up to you.

No Warranty for Replacement Futon Parts

We do not warranty any replacement futon parts nor do we guarantee they will work for your intended application. All parts are sold "AS IS" ONLY, which means you accept the parts in the condition in which we send them.

Custom Ordered Parts (Special Order/Not In Stock) Commitment To Buy/No Refunds

We welcome anyone who is looking to repair a futon they bought, no matter how old the product is. We carry many futon parts. From time to time, however, we may run out of particular futon parts especially as the become more obsolete and harder to come by. Sometimes we need to special order specific parts that once were stock items. If this is the case, there can be a lag between the time we obtain the futon part and the time you receive it. If we order a part for you, you will be charged up front. Once you make the commitment to purchase replacement futon parts from us, you agree to surrender your right to any refund. If you decide to cancel your order before it ships, you will be eligible to receive up to a 80% refund which will account for processing and handling of your order. Before you are eligible for a refund you must email us a request to cancel the order. If it is too late, and we have a commitment to our vender for the specific custom ordered futon part, have ordered it, received it or mailed it to you, then you will not be offered a refund.

Shipping Replacement Futon Parts

You will be charged for the cost of shipping and handling. Depending on the part, the cost can vary. All shipping costs associated with the shipment of any replacement part will be considered the responsibility of the customer unless otherwise stated. Any damages incurred to the replacement part during shipment will be considered the responsibility of the freight company. You may re-order the part from us and the part may or may not be the same price, depending on various factors, but you will need to file a claim with the freight company to get reimbursed for your replacement part.