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INFO-Washable Futon Custom Covers

Custom Washable Futon Covers

Each futon cover has specific washing instructions. Although this category is made up of machine washable futon covers, not all the covers should go into the dryer. Unless specified on the futon cover label, you should generally wash your futon cover on a light cycle without any other clothing or fabric present in the machine.

As a general rule, you will get more life and your futon cover will retain brighter colors when you line dry it, but if you do decide to throw it in the dryer, use the lowest heat cycle possible and do not over dry your futon cover. If you dry your washable futon cover to the point where it is just ever so slightly damp, you will enjoy it for many more washes.

Many covers are cotton only while most are some mix of cotton and polyester. If you are looking for a strictly cotton futon cover, you will generally have better luck looking through the less expensive futon covers in the list.  Most of the washable futon covers in the higher price ranges tend to be cotton and/or polyester futon covers.

Good luck and enjoy your stay. If you need anything at all just email us at [email protected]or call us at the phone number listed above.

As a general rule, the higher priced washable futon covers tend to wear better and look a little more fitted.  Futon mattress sizes can vary greatly. If you have a futon mattress that measures 10 inches thick or more, you will need to measure the depth from the corner and give us a call before ordering your washable futon cover. In this way we can help you make sure the futon cover fits properly.

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