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How to Buy

Buying a futon sofa is easy and fun when you know how. There are many things to look for in a quality built futon, but for now let us begin with the basic parts that make up a futon sofa:

  1. Futon Frame - is the base of the futon and is made of wood or metal in most cases.
  2. Futon Mattress - is a type of cushion that can be folded or laid flat and is often made of cotton, foam or polyester.
  3. Futon Cover - Fits around the futon mattress like a pillow case making your futon look nice.

How To Buy A Futon

When you combine these three parts you end up with a custom futon that fits your lifestyle. You can select a futon out of the order shown below.

Futon Ordering Process

Some people prefer to pick their futon mattress first, then their frame and finally their futon cover. The choice is up to you. Below you will find the basic steps we suggest. Keep in mind, you can add a mattress to most frame pages, so it might make sense to look at futon frames first, and add the futon mattress from one of the frame pages.

Futon Frames

Futon frames come in different sizes and formats. On every futon frame product page, we have tried to give you as much information as possible. In most cases, you will find dimensions and other useful content. If you have any questions, you can always ask fraggle for help or contact us through email or on the phone. We are always glad to help.

Futon Mattresses

There are many futon mattresses to select from. Knowing if you prefer soft, firm or medium will help you a lot in picking the perfect futon mattress. In general, we advise you to select the best futon mattress you can afford. If you are using the futon as a primary bed, then we really hope you put some thought into buying your futon. Again, we are always glad to help. Keep in mind you can refer to the futon sizes page for help.

Futon Covers

Futon Covers can be one of the hardest things to decide on for many people. The important thing to remember about futon covers is that they are removable. This means you can change the cover at any time you want. This is great for people who love to change their futon's look with the change of the seasons or for those who get bored easily.

There are as many different types of futon covers as their are types of materials. Some futon covers are washable while others require dry cleaning. Some covers are heavy duty while others are light. Their are vinyls, leathers and ultra suedes to pick from. The choices are vast!

Futon covers sometimes come with special options too. Some covers allow you to add decorative piping, for example. This creates a cord or material that goes around the cover's seems to give the cover a more finished look. If pillows are an option, consider piping them as well.

More Futon Questions?

We love to answer your questions! Please email us at [email protected]or call us between Mon-Sat 10-7p or Sun 12-5p at 1-321-217-2021. You might also want to swing byFutonology (Futon101) to get a good head start about shopping for futons and what to look for.