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FAQ: Cat Pee On Futons

Futons and Cat Pee

Diane wrote:  My cat Jake just peed on my futon mattress and I am wondering what can be done to get the oder out? Any suggestions? :P
Dear Dianne,

Why cats like to urinate on furniture we cannot say. What we do know is that modern society frowns on guest beds that smell like pee. :P

What do we recommend?

  • Encase your futon in a body bag.
  • Move your futon to the back porch.
  • Buy a new futon and scold your cat.

In all seriousness, unless you are a strong believer in using one of the various anti-cat pee agents, we believe this oder will always be with the mattress and that any guest with an average sense of smell will likely smell the remains even years later.

Part of the problem is that when any liquid is spilled on your futon mattress, it seeps into fibers that are impossible to get to. Now you could tear open your futon, remove thos fibers and treat the casing (outer shell) with something, but this will likely only lead you to more problems.

Still, the best advice when something spills, is that you blot it up quickly. With water or more benign liquids, you might consider using a blow dryer to help speed the drying process. If possible, move your futon outside to air dry.

In the case of urine and other pungent smells, you might consider purchasing a new mattress and protecting it with a thin vinyl material like Night Watch. We sell a futon protector made of vinyl. It is very thin material and the cost is nominal. When purchasing a replacement futon mattress, this can often be the wisest investment for the pet owner.